The control panel window will not open in Windows Vista

Because Windows Vista is relatively new, there are a few problems to iron out before it becomes the number one operating system to date. One such problem that seems to be common amongst Vista users is that sometimes the control panel will not open. This can be a major hassle as you need to get to the control panel to change settings for anything that is important on your computer.

As well as the control panel not working, you may also notice that you can’t access your display options, the welcome center will not open, and even aerowill not work.

Some common symptoms are:
Your control panel is missing from the start menu.
You open your control panel to see it flash before your eyes and that’s it.
You can get to the control panel but there is not all the icons there.
Sometimes you can’t open Microsoft games or the Windows Vista Welcome center.
Some probable causes for the control panel not opening:

Your Windows Vista is not updated.
You have an incompatible driver issue.
Your Software Licensing service is off.

Here are some suggestions to solve the problem of the control panel not opening:

Make sure your Windows Vista is up to date. You may be missing some important fixes and updates that can cause problems with your computer. To see whether Windows Vista SP1 is installed on your computer, follow these steps:
Click on Start at the bottom left corner
Right click on Computer
Then choose Properties from the menu
See if Windows Vista SP1 is mentioned at the bottom of the Windows Edition section.
If you do not see Windows Vista SP1 there you can go and download it here.

Another thing you can try is to restart your Software licensing service.

Go to the Start menu search box and type run in it
A run dialog box will appear
Type services.msc and press enter or press ok
In the right side look for Software Licensing, double click on it
Click restart in the upper left corner
Make sure it is set to automatic

Now do the same thing with the SL UI Notification Service

Install updated drivers for your computer devices. Some Windows Vista users have solved this problem by updating video card drivers, motherboard drivers, and sound card drivers.

If all the fails I have to mention the “F” word. Format your computer. (Re-install Windows)


Basically Windows Vista is de-activated and you have to restart the licensing service.

The error code is error 0xc004e002:0xc004e002


~ oleh desktopku pada Mei 13, 2009.

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